Liz Knight

Liz’s passion for celebrating the best of our food heritage has been said to be ‘joyous’ She was described in school as being infectious and she still has a knack to excite and enthuse. When not blending herbs and spices, picking petals or chasing after a small child with a toothbrush, Liz runs workshops on rural food skills and leads forages and demonstrations sharing her products and recipes with audiences.

Give her a bowl, some ingredients and a mike and you’ll have fun and learn something along the way!

Liz also owns and runs “Forage Fine Foods” a little food business set on top of a hill in the gorgeous Black Mountains. From our kitchen window we look out onto heather, wild thyme and on the mountain tops, lanes billowing with meadowsweet, cow parsley, ladysmock and penny wort, meadows run riot with sorrel, clover and hedgerows full of honeysuckle, hawthorn, elder and hazel.

It’s almost impossible to not find something to eat around here & for thousands of years the good people of this wonderful land have picked, eaten and thrived on the inspirational larder that sits outside of every ones front.

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Kirsten Walton

Attended the butchery course today, totally not my thing, I don't touch raw meat......but the course was AWESOME!! Overcame my fear of touching raw meat and learnt so much! Glad I haven't done a food shop yet this weekend, came away with so much food and after a delicious lunch, will not be eating tonight! Thank you

Darren Legh

Had a great day on Saturday at the Taste of Italy course.
Very relaxed atmosphere, great facilities and Marcus really has the ability to transfer his knowledge to his students.
Highly recommended

Alison Thompson

Worth every penny...learnt so much. Marcus is a great teacher and really enjoyed every minute.