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Marcus, Jenny and their three young girls moved to Brompton in December 2012 after 8 years of running a successful pub restaurant in North Shropshire. Since they have been at Brompton they have forged strong relationships with local suppliers and artisans to create what Brompton has to offer today.

They aim to be as sustainable as possible, growing their own produce and using the eggs from their own hens.

Our Ethos

Our way of teaching is like no other, at Brompton Marcus & our chefs teach in a way that inspires you to experiment more, taste and create dishes that you thought you’d never master. With great facilities & a relaxed teaching style you’ll leave feeling inspired not just to cook the recipes but also adapt the recipes you’ve learnt with all the tips and techniques you pick up throughout the day.

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Brompton Cookery

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Kirsten Walton

Attended the butchery course today, totally not my thing, I don't touch raw meat......but the course was AWESOME!! Overcame my fear of touching raw meat and learnt so much! Glad I haven't done a food shop yet this weekend, came away with so much food and after a delicious lunch, will not be eating tonight! Thank you

Darren Legh

Had a great day on Saturday at the Taste of Italy course.
Very relaxed atmosphere, great facilities and Marcus really has the ability to transfer his knowledge to his students.
Highly recommended

Alison Thompson

Worth every penny...learnt so much. Marcus is a great teacher and really enjoyed every minute.