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Full Day Courses

COURSE LIST 2018 September-December

All courses include full use of equipment and all ingredients.

Butchery and Curing

Our butchery and curing course will cover knife skills, Boning, smoking and curing. Using locally sourced meats. You’ll be shown how to prepare and marinade a piece of beef for your own home cured Bresaola, that you can finish off at home. We’ll show you how to make your own pancetta from a piece of belly pork. You’ll also use your skills to bone and prepare a rabbit for a delicious dinner.

10am – 4pm

Stylish Vegetarian

Let our fabulous chef inspire you with some different and delicious dishes. A great day out to help you expand your range of recipes and show you some wonderful vegetarian options for meals. You will cook two or three dishes in the morning then sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labour in our stunning dining room. Then back into the kitchen to cook two dishes in the afternoon which will be boxed up for you to take home.

10am – 4pm

Taste of Game

This course is run during the game season only

This course is an introduction to cooking with game, you’ll be using produce in season, pheasant, partridge and rabbit will be on the menu. You’ll be skinning plucking and jointing.  Then you’ll make some delicious recipes, examples will be a confit pheasant pasty with homemade brown sauce. Whole roasted partridge with smoked bacon & herb pearl barley. And that’s just your lunch, any other recipes you make you’ll be able to take home. Courses run between October- January.

10am to 4pm

Foraging with Liz Knight and Marcus Bean

Foraging with Liz Knight & Marcus Bean, 10am arrival for coffee, tea and Marcus’s homemade double chocolate cookies. After a quick briefing with Liz & Marcus its time to put on your wellies and head out around Brompton. You’ll be checking out the hedgerows, field and river beds for some wild treats. After the morning forage we’ll head back to the cookery school, Marcus & Liz will help you to create a delicious lunch. After a two course lunch and a glass of wine, you’ll head into the garden and Liz will talk you through yet more things to forage, giving you great tips and ideas for your wild foods. Then back to the cookery school to make some wild treats to take away. The course will finish around 4pm at which point you will have a chance to purchase some of Liz’s wild treats from her business; ‘Forage fine foods’.

10am – 4pm

Taste of Asia

Learn to cook the exotic, fragrant dishes of Asia in this culinary journey across one of the most influential & flavoursome continents. Our chef will teach you how to master and cook authentic recipes from countries such as China, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan. Course recipes may include Chinese Sui Mai Dumplings with Soy & Sesame, Japanese Katsu Chicken Curry & Jasmine Rice and Hot & Sour Tiger Prawns with Chilli, lemongrass, mint & coriander.

10am – 4pm

Taste of India

If you love your curries and all things spicy then this Taste of India day course will be a real treat! Our chef will teach you how to layer spices as you cook up a fragrant King Prawn & Coconut Curry with aromatic Lemon Pilau Rice. Try your hand at cooking up a flavoursome lentil dal and also learn how to marinate & roast chicken with an authentic North Indian “Hariyali” marinade. The recipes stem from different regions of India so as well as cooking them you will be learning what spices and ingredients are from those regions and what makes them so special.

10am – 4pm

Traditional Bread Making

Our Master Baker Robert swift is a family baker of 5 generation’s his family started baking in 1863 and Robert continues the trade today with bakery’s all over Shropshire. He will talk you through the bread making process and then it’s time to get stuck in and make your own bread. You’ll make 3-4 different bread recipes and even have enough to take home. Once you make Fresh bread you’ll never go back! The day will include Lunch created by Marcus.

10am to 4pm

Simply Impressive Suppers

The name says it all! Here is your chance to try out some fabulous new supper ideas on a practical day’s cookery course. You’ll be impressing family and friends with your new culinary recipes and skills.You will be creating a 3 course dinner to impress all. The day will include a two course lunch. Please book early these courses sell out fast!

10am – 4pm

Fish and Shellfish

This popular course is a great introduction to fish and shell fish, you’ll learn how to source, prepare and cook different types of fish and shellfish. So you can create delicious and easy recipes using fresh fish. The day will include a lovely 2 course lunch, using shell fish for starter and a main course using whole or filleted fish.

10am – 4pm

Bakes & Cakes

Master the art of the perfect sponge, create melt in the mouth pastries and make muffins to die for. Learn some new recipes for tea time treats and try your hand at delicate patisserie to add to your dessert repertoire. Our chef will demonstrate each recipe before you cook! A full day practical course includes a cup of coffee/tea or a soft drink on arrival, a delicious lunch and collectable recipes to take home. Sample Menu: Almond & Orange Florentines, Chocolate Chip Muffins, Lemon Curd Millefeuilles using Rough Puff Pastry, Iced Rosemary Cake, Sweet Potato Galettes.

10am – 4pm

Ultimate Meat

This class will take you through the techniques of preparing, marinading and cooking different cuts of locally sourced meat. After a coffee/tea or a soft drink the day will begin with a demonstration of different dishes; then it will be your turn to cook! At lunch you will enjoy some of the food that you have created and a chance to chat with your fellow classmates in the stylish dining room. After lunch cooking will resume, and we will box up anything else you have created to take home with all the recipes of the day. Sample menu: Salad of Pigeon Breast with Toasted Hazelnuts & Raspberry Dressing, Pork Loin with Wild Mushroom Risotto and a Mustard & Cider Cream, Shin of Beef with Dauphinoise. Course includes coffee and Brompton biscuits on arrival and a 2 course lunch with complimentary glass of wine.

10am – 4pm

Taste of Italy

Isn’t there something rather glorious about Italian cooking! Amo la cottura Italiana! After a cup of coffee/tea or a soft drink the day will begin with a demonstration of Italian recipes that you can enjoy at home and then you will commence cooking! You will break for a relaxing lunch in the stylish and contemporary dining room to enjoy some of the dishes you have created. The cooking class will resume in the afternoon and we will box up anything else you have created to take home.

10am – 4pm

The Pastry Section

This is a full day practical course aimed for those who want to improve their pastry & dessert making skills, if you’ve always fancied an insight into the life of a pastry chef this is the day for you! During your day at Brompton our chef will show you how to create pastries, desserts and other baked goods. Whether you want to perfect your skills or even if you have never made pastry before this course has a real “feel good factor”. This course includes a cup of coffee/tea or a soft drink, a two course lunch (including something you have made) and all recipes.


Back to Basics

This course is perfect for anyone who feels there are some skills they have forgotten or some they have never learned. By the end of the day students will be confident masters of the building blocks required in the kitchen. You will create delicious dishes while learning practical methods which will be endlessly useful in your own kitchen – knife skills, stock preparations, soups and sauces. This course will include a cup of coffee on arrival and a delicious 2 course lunch (that you will have cooked). You will be able to take home anything you have made and the recipes of the day.

10am – 4pm

Taste of France

Indisputably, one of modern France’s greatest treasures is its rich cuisine. The French have an ongoing love affair with food, and their reverence for time spent eating is evident in any culinary establishment nationwide. It is also manifested in the traditional family gatherings around the home dinner table, particularly the Sunday mid-day feast which is prepared lovingly over many hours and consumed leisurely through a bevy of appetizers and main courses, usually accompanied by a number of wines. Our chef will teach you to cook some fabulous regional recipes. He will demonstrate and then it will be your turn to cook. You will be able to break for lunch enjoying some of your culinary creations. After lunch you will return to the kitchen and we will box up anything else you have cooked for you to take home.

10am – 4pm

Speciality Bread

Once you have mastered the basics of traditional bread making our speciality course will be the next stage for you. On this course you will work with a variety of different flours to create the most appetising breads for you to enjoy at home. You will cover recipes such as Sour dough, Smoked loafs and bagels. You will be taught by Robert Swift who all we can say is at the top of his game in the art of bread making with bakeries across Shropshire.

10am – 4pm